A party tent is a key element in the success of an event. If you choose wisely, then your party will be filled with fun, excitement and excitement. If you make the wrong choice, your event will be a failure. It may seem simple to rent a tent, but it involves a number of factors. The right Opus Event Rentals will provide protection for the food and staff, as well as the guests. The tent can also be used as a centerpiece for the event and give it an air of exclusivity.

There are many different types of tents.

The tent should be set up on the reception space by the company renting the tent, unless they stated otherwise. Their crew will also be there to remove the tent after the event. The party rental company should make sure that the tents are exactly what you need, whether you rent a small tent for a special event or a larger one.

The Small Tents

Tents that are smaller than 40 feet in width tend to be 10-40 feet in length. They are designed to be modular structures that can be joined to create covered walkways. Others are meant to stand alone. They are usually divided into three types:

They can be used as connectors to connect two tents of varying sizes or between a tent and another building.

Small tents can be used as entrance marquees to add a bit of class to an event. They are also a great way to guide guests to the venue.

These structures are typically used as areas for food service or sales.

Big Tents

These tents can accommodate all guests. They are often used to add on to the main event, or to temporarily enhance a concrete structure. The sizes and shapes of event tents are determined by the needs of the rental company.

What keeps the tents from falling?

Tents are supported by the proper support to keep them standing. Tents are divided into two main types.

Tents Frame: Tops are made of aluminum frames. The tent is secured using strategically placed ropes on the eaves. Anchoring the tent will prevent it from blowing over in the event of strong winds. Party Rentals has introduced newer tents with cleaner frames.

The pole tent is characterized by a roof that’s held in place with poles around the eaves and center poles. This type of tent for party rentals is safe due to the tension it creates.