It’s finally time. Years of dirt, stains and grime have been accumulated in your carpet due to all your efforts. How do you choose the best carpet cleaning method? Both steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning have become popular, but does either one offer a better cleaning system?

Steam doesn’t work on carpets

It’s important to clarify that, in the debate between dry and steam carpet cleaning, steam really is used to clean carpets. Steam is not used to clean carpets, even though both commercial and home machines emit steam from hot water.

The machine can also spray detergent directly onto the carpet. The hot water activates the alkaline detergent for synthetic carpets, and the acidic detergent for normal or wool carpets. The water is then sucked up by a wet-vac.

Wait to rent a steamer

Purchase or rent a steam cleaner to clean your carpets at home. The machines from hardware stores and grocery stores may have heating components, while the models you buy or rent at home rely on warm tap water.

The machines work by placing the cleaning solution into the machine, and then stirring the mixture slowly and carefully over the carpet. It will then suction up the water and let it go.

After cleaning the carpets you should leave them alone for 12-24 hours to allow it to dry. Some carpets shrink in size when the excess water is dried. This is not a problem if your carpet does not consist of 100% natural fibers.

Professional steam cleaning dries more quickly

A professional can steam-clean your carpets. A more powerful machine, or one that is connected to a car, may be used.

A professional carpet steamer has more power and can therefore spray additional detergent in the carpet as well as sucking up extra water. A professional carpet steam cleaner will help your carpets dry faster.

The quickest way to clean carpets is by using dry cleaning

Dry chemical mixtures can be used to dry-clean carpets. These chemicals will break down any soil on the carpet.

Dry cleaning is a misleading name because it uses a small amount of water in its application solution, to balance the use of dry products.

The time-saving benefits of dry cleaning are that floors can be used again almost immediately after cleaning. In industrial and retail situations, dry cleaning agents are used for this purpose.

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